Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Watauga is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. The project was launched in August 2019 with multiple meetings of the Comprehensive Plan Update Workgroup. The Comprehensive Plan Update now moves to the public input stage, so the City is providing a wide range of opportunities to review and provide input on the Comprehensive Plan Update before it goes to City Council for consideration.

Retail land uses are experiencing significant change throughout the country as a result of online commerce. “Big box” retailers across the country are under financial pressure to dramatically change their business strategies in order to survive, and many have been forced to close their doors. The City of Watauga has a significant concentration of big box retail land uses along the east side of SH 377 accompanied by fast food and sit-down restaurants and small retail strip centers. The City is proactively anticipating the unfortunate but inevitable continued decline of big box retail uses along SH 377 by adopting a new land use category entitled Retail Transitional Mixed-Use or RT-MU. While nothing changes in this area as long as retail tenants continue to operate, the City has developed the RT-MU land use to accommodate future redevelopment opportunities in this area in a manner that not only reflects the community’s vision for improving quality of life and increasing property values, but to also capitalize on emerging mixed use markets that will ensure the continued vitality of the community.  

The RT-MU district is meant to accommodate and encourage the redevelopment of existing big box and strip center uses on SH 377 into individual mixed-use developments that provide for vehicular and pedestrian connectivity while allowing for an iterative pattern of development as opportunities arise. This redevelopment will feature new northern and southern gateways to help define the corridor and the accompanying land uses. In addition, these improvements will provide a new “move up” opportunity for residents and an urban living product that will attract more residents that desire the non-traditional single-family housing. The RT-MU district is envisioned to accommodate a mix of uses that create a regional destination for residents and visitors with its own unique and clear identity. 

For additional information, please review the following:

  1.       The 12/03/2019 Community Meeting Presentation
  2.       The proposed Design Standards for the RT-MU
  3.       The proposed Future Land Use Map
  4.       The explanation of each Land Use category 
  5.      The 01/28/2020 Community Meeting Presentation 
 Comment Box

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to fill out a Public Input Comment Card or leave a message at 817.514.5745.

Public Review and Input Opportunities are listed below:

Public Meeting                                                                          January 28, 2020
Planning & Zoning Committee Public Hearing                          February 19, 2020
City Council Public Hearing                                                       April 13, 2020

Watauga Public Comments Received and Answered


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Draft - Future Land Use Map
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Changes from the 2016
Future Land Use Plan

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Public Display of Map including Public Input Comment Cards

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