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Parks Master Plan Survey

  1. The Watauga Parks and Community Services Department would like to hear from you. Your input is very important on how we approach making decisions as they relate to the Watauga parks system. Our staff can better serve the needs of our citizens now and for future generations. If you will please take a few moments of your time to complete this survey, we will become more aware of what our citizens would like to see in our parks, and staff can move forward and continue to enhance the a “quality of life” in Watauga.
  2. 1. Is there a park in Watauga that is accessible to your residence?
  3. 2. Which park in Watauga do you visit the most?
  4. 3. How would you rate the Parks in Watauga?
  5. 4. What new feature would you like to see in the Watauga Park System?
    Please select five features with 1 as your top priority and 5 your lowest priority:
  6. 5. At what time of day are you normally at a park?
  7. 6. How often do you see or interact with park staff?
  8. 7. Does any person in your family participate in organized youth activities?
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