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Vacation House Watch

  1. The City of Watauga Police Department hopes you and your family have a safe and pleasant time on your vacation. We will make every effort to watch your property closely, but due to the volume of requests we are very often unable to check each residence daily. It is important that you have a trusted friend, neighbor, or relative check your property regularly, removing accumulated mail and newspapers. If your absence is going to be extended, please make arrangements for someone to mow your yard and alter the lights left on inside the house, thereby giving the appearance the residence is occupied. Completing the form below will allow us to contact you or your designee in case of an emergency.

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  6. List a description of vehicles, boats, etc. that will be left at residence. Include as much information as possible.

  7. Will there be any doors or gates left unlocked or open?

  8. Will there be any screens off windows?

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