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Police Forms

  1. Bike Patrol Bicycle Maintenance Request
  2. Black Cat Radar Recorder Deployment Notification
  3. Close Patrol Request
  4. Commendation Form
  5. Contact Training Coordinator
  6. End Shift Summary
  7. TCOLE 3186 - State and Federal Law Update - 86th Legislature
  8. Vacation House Watch
  1. Bike Patrol Report
  2. CCPD Fund Question Submission

    The Watauga Police Department encourages residents to submit any questions they may have concerning the reauthorization of the Crime... More…

  3. Code Enforcement Special Assignment

    This form documents Code Enforcement Activities which occur outside of normal business hours.

  4. Contact Community Services Officer
  5. Employee Complaint Form
  6. TCOLE 1850 - Crisis Intervention Training (40HR)
  7. Training Request