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Updated Stats are provided by Tarrant County and may be accessed at the following URL:

Mar 03

Updated 03/03/2021

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COVID Protocols

The City of Watauga will be keeping all COVID protocols, including the required use of face masks, in place at this time. Employees, citizens and visitors are required to use face masks inside City facilities.  The use of face masks has proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  While case numbers are trending lower, the City does not want to experience a spike in cases as the one we had during the holidays.   The Hector F. Garcia Community Center will begin opening in March.  The Watauga Public Library will have a soft opening on April 5, 2021.  Patrons will be able to use the library by appointment only.  In-person programs will slowly return, however, all participants will be required to use face masks.

Tarrant County Executive Order - March 2, 2021
Mar 03

Updated 12/30/2020

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MM1230 Opens in new windowMayor Miner provides a video update regarding COVID-19 in Watauga and discusses efforts to stop the spread