Ticket Quick Facts

When is my court date?

For your scheduled court date, please refer to the front of your citation.

What would happen if I failed to appear on my court date?

If you fail to appear for the original scheduled court date, a late fine in the amount of $50.00 will be added to each violation and you will be required to reschedule a court date within a specified time frame to be eligible for any options or a warrant for your arrest may be issued.

Can minors appear in court without a parent?

Persons 16 and under must appear before the Judge with a parent or legal guardian for any Class "C" Misdemeanor. Any parent or legal guardian who fails to appear in court with their child may be issued a citation for failure to appear.

Can I request a continuance?

To request a continuance, you can complete your request in person, in writting and mailed to the court, or online .  You can not reschedule a previously rescheduled hearing, or if you case is currently in warrant status you must contact the Court Staff to get your options. 

Am I eligible for Deferred Disposition?

To be eligible for Deferred Disposition, you cannot have received Deferred Disposition or taken a Driver Safety Course in the past twelve months and be over the age of 25. Persons with a Commercial Driver's License are not eligible for Deferred Disposition. If you qualify, you may make your request either by mail or by personally appearing in the Municipal Court Office prior to your court date. Please contact the court office to see if you qualify and/or for specific mailing instructions at 817.514.5715.

Can I request to take a driver safety course?

To request a driver safety course, you cannot have completed a driver safety course within the past 12 months or possess a Commercial Driver's License. You may make your request online, by mail, or by personally appearing in the Court Office prior to your court date. If you wish to mail in your request, please call 817. 514.5715, for specific mailing instructions.

A certified copy of your driver's record from the Texas Department of Public Safety must be submitted with your completion certificate.

Texas Department of Public Safety

Can I get my citation dismissed?

Some citations may be dismissed if taken care of by your original court date. If you received a citation for Failure to Financial Responsibility and you had insurance coverage on the date and time the citation was issued you may email your proof to the court. It is your responsibility to follow up with the court to make sure that the proof was received and that the court was able to verify your proof and failure to follow up may result in a warrant for your arrest.