Requirements and Security

By choosing to select the NETTC program as an alternative for handling their citation(s), youths must understand and agree to the following requirements:
  • Adhere to the dress code established for Teen Court. Participants may be removed from the courtroom and will not receive attendance credit for violations of the dress code.
  • Must be older than 10 years and under 19 years of age old and be currently enrolled in school.
  • Must enter a plea of guilty or nolo contendere.
  • Must not have been through the Teen Court system within the past two years.
  • Must request the program from the Municipal Court Judge and pay a $20 administrative fee to the Court.
In addition:
  • A parent of legal guardian must be present for a juvenile's first session of Teen Court. You may learn more about this by viewing the Teen Court Supervision Policy.
  • Defendants must complete their sentences and jury terms within 90 days of sentencing.
  • No children under the age of 10 are allowed in the Court while Teen Court is in session.
Security Screening
Teen Court participants must arrive for their Teen Court Hearing no later than 5:55 p.m. Every person entering Teen Court will be subject to screening by our Marshal and through our metal detector. All purses, backpacks etc… will be thoroughly searched. In order to expedite this process we ask that you only bring what you need for your court hearing.