Parks & Community Services

Open Gym now available Monday-Friday.

Monday - 6AM-9PM 

Tuesday - 6AM - 10AM; 2PM - 6PM; 8PM - 9PM

Wednesday - 6AM - 10A; 2PM - 6PM; 8PM - 9PM

Thursday - 6AM - 9AM; 2PM - 6PM; 8PM - 9PM

Friday - 6AM - 5PM

There will not be open gym on Saturdays through the fall season.

*Times are subject to change.* 

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Library_thumb.jpg Our mission is to enrich the lives of Watauga citizens through the responsible administration of our resources with the goal of superior quality in customer service, park maintenance, recreational opportunities and community services.
taaf bronze_thumb.png

TTA 2005 Baseball Field of the Year
Granted by the Texas Turfgrass Association.
TTA 2010 Soccer Field of the Year
Granted by the Texas Turgrass Association.
Outstanding Recycling Special Event
For Watauga Fest 2009
Granted to the city in 2010 by the Greater DFW Recycling Alliance Star 2010 Recycling leadership Awards.

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