Friends of the Watauga Public Library

Library Friends

The Friends group is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive community support for the Watauga Public Library, sponsoring special events, and raising additional money to purchase books and other materials for the Library.


The Friends of the Watauga Library would like you to be a Friend! As a non-profit 501(c3) organization, dues and donations are tax deductible. Just fill out the membership application and return it along with payment to the Library. Memberships are based on a calendar year which runs from January to December. There are several membership levels to choose from:

Membership LevelCost
Sponsoring Member$50
Sustaining Member$100
Contributing Member$150


Donations are always welcome. Gifts will be accepted on behalf of the Friends of the Watauga Public Library that are determined to meet the purposes and needs of the Library in accordance with the Library's stated selection policy. The Library will not estimate the value of the materials donated. The use or disposition of all gift materials shall be made at the discretion of the Library Director and his/her delegates. They will make the final decision on the acceptance, use or disposition of the gift. The Library retains unconditional ownership of the gift. The Library reserves the right to decide how the material will be displayed, housed, and made accessible. The Library will not accept on loan or deposit any books or other materials which are not gifts, except those which are intended for limited display.


The Friends of the Watauga Public Library will accept donations of money on behalf of the Library for the purchase of new books and other materials in memory of a relative or friend. Name plates will be provided by the Library and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the donor.

Water Bill Donations 

The $1 donation on your utility bill goes directly to the Library to purchase new materials. Please take a moment to think of the Library when you pay your next water bill.


The Friends sponsor several fund-raising events during the year, including a Membership Drive, a Holiday Food Drive, and the Book Nook in the Library. 

Friends Book Nook

Visit our Friends of the Watauga Library Book Nook located in the southwest corner of the Library. Donated and discarded books and media are available for a donation to the Friends. All donations benefit the Library.

Book Bag

The Friends of the Watauga Library are sponsoring a Watauga Public Library Book Bag. This generously sized clear plastic bag may be acquired for a minimum donation of $7. It is available at the Check-Out Desk at the Library. All donations benefit the Library.

Ask Your Company to Match Your Donation

Many companies will match their employee's contribution. We will be happy to work with you and your company to get the paperwork covered!