Council Place 4

Council Member Andrew Neal was elected to Council on May 4, 2019.  

Andrew Neal grew up in Haltom City, less than 100’ from the Watauga border.  As a child, he spent many days playing in and around Watauga, witnessing the explosive growth from the 1980s until today.  In 2002, he married his wife Lindsey and in 2003, they moved to Watauga.  He graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in 2006 with a bachelor in Business Administration.  They are now proud parents to a daughter and a son, whom enjoy the many parks and library of the City of Watauga.  Mr. Neal is also a proud Texan; in fact, is currently a 5th generation Texan.  His grandparents and great grandfather had a farm and several businesses in the now Bonnie Brae area.

Mr. Neal is currently employed at Mosites Rubber Company as the Plant Superintendent.  He is also involved with his wife’s small business.  Mr. Neal is also deeply involved with his children’s education, and he and his wife currently home school their children.

“Watauga has been a wonderful experience, and I became involved because I truly believe in this City – the community as a whole.  Friends and neighbors help one another, something one does not see often in a large dense community.”

Disclaimer: This biography is presented as prepared and submitted by Councilmember, Place 4. The content has not been edited or verified by the City.