Police Officer Applicants

Hiring Process

Civil Service Written Exam

Applicants will have 2 hours to complete the written examination. It will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions. Pencils will be provided. Applicants must obtain a passing score of 70% or higher.

Physical Ability Exam

The rowing test is designed to determine the overall fitness level of an applicant. All applicants must pass the physical ability test on the Concept2 Rower at the percentile calculated by the Texas Department of Public Safety that relates to the most current data set obtained from the Watauga Police Department. 

The applicant’s target time will be set according to their age and gender on the day of the exam.   Applicants not passing the entrance physical test on the Concept2 Rower will not be allowed to continue through the hiring process.   Applicants will be allowed to reapply during the next scheduled examination.The Department’s physical ability test consists of rowing 2000 meters on a Concept2 Rower with the damper set at level “5”. Applicants cannot put their feet on the ground until they are finished.  

 Applicants should view this video tutorial on how to use the rower.  Applicants should also access the VO2 Max Time calculator which will indicate their target time.    Applicants will be encouraged to prepare for the exam by training on the Concept2 Rower which is available at local gyms, recreation centers and fitness facilities. 

The hyperlink below is for the Concept2 Rower’s website where information about using the rower and technique videos are available. 

Applicants can determine their target time by entering Gender, Weight and Age Range in the VO2 Max Calculator.

Personal History Exam

Applicants who pass the physical and written examination must complete a City of Watauga Police Department Personal History Statement which will be used to conduct a thorough and extensive background check.

Lateral Entry

An applicant may be eligible for lateral entry if they are certified as a Police Officer in the State of Texas with a minimum of two (2) years of experience not including field training period.  Eligible applicants will be placed on the Step Plan based on their years of experience as a full time Police Officer at a paid Police Department.

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