Animal Control responds to multiple 'Barking Dog' complaints each week, City Cody of Ordinance defines this as a Noise Nuisance: (Sec. 26-1.a-4) The keeping of any animal or bird, including dogs, which by causing frequent or long-continued noise shall disturb the comfort or repose of any person of ordinary sensibilities in the vicinity shall be deemed a public nuisance. 

What does this mean?

A City resident has the right to file a complaint with Animal Control in regard to frequent barking by a dog or dogs in their neighborhood which may be bothersome to themselves. Frequent is defined as - occurring or done on many occasions, in many cases, or in quick succession. Synonyms: recurrent, recurring, repeated, periodic, continual, one after another, successive  

What is Animal Control's Responsibility?  

When a Call for Service is received for a barking dog, Shelter staff receives as much information as the complainant allows, typically the complainant wishes to remain anonymous so as to not create any ill feeling between them and their neighbor and Animal Control  takes this request VERY seriously. We are looking for information such as the time of day the barking occurs, length of each occurrence, how many dogs, has this been an ongoing issue, etc.  

The complainant is also made aware of the policy that we will leave up to two Door Notices and/or make contact from the same complainant, if the problem persists, they will need to complete a Witness Statement Form enabling us to issue a citation.  At this point the complaints are no longer anonymous as the pet owner may choose to argue the citation in court requiring the complainant to appear in court.

An Animal Control Officer will go to the residence and attempt to make contact with the home owner letting them know a complaint has been made, we will also spend sometime at the property to listen for any unreasonable amount of barking.  If we can not make face-to-face contact, the ACO will leave a Door Notice instructing the home owner to contact the Shelter withing 24-hours.  When contact is made with the dog's owner, they are informed that an anonymous complaint was made for frequent barking by their dog(s), when the barking is occurring and how the problem can possibly be corrected. We also explain that if further complaints are made via a Witness Statement Form that Animal Control may begin writing Citations.

What to keep in mind:

  1. Animal Control will not respond to a 'Barking Dog' call without an exact address.
  2. "My neighbors dog barks a lot when I am in my backyard" is not a justifiable complaint that warrants a citation.  Remember that some barking is simply because dogs bark.
  3. A Witness Statement Form will need to be completed for citations to be issued.
  4. If a dog is barking frequently during the night and you know the exact address as to where the dog resides, you may contact the police non-emergency line at 817.514.5897 and a Police Officer will be sent to the residence.
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