Understanding Your Bill


The water usage chart varies according to the amount of water you use each month. It includes the cost of treating raw water so that it is safe to drink and the maintenance of the equipment and pipes that bring water to your home.

  • The sewer usage charge is based on the amount of water use billed during the winter months of December, January, and February. Your water bill will vary from month to month and it will differ from your neighbors. The amount of your bill depends on how much water you personally use. Your bill will also have a garbage collection fee.
  • A drainage fee is charged to fund drainage projects that reduce major flood plains and remove homes from flood hazard zones. the drainage fee is based on a lot's zoning and on the size and use of the property. Residents will pay a minimum of $11.00 per month.   For more information, visit the Storm Drainage Fees page.
  • A household hazardous waste fee of $0.89 is charged to your residential account each month for collection service.   To schedule a pickup, click here.  For more information, visit the Trash and Hazardous Waste Collection page.

Voluntary Donation

A donation of $1.00 is optional on each bill. The donations will be used to purchase books and other materials for the Library.


Penalties are applied to any balance that is not paid on or before the due date of the bill.

Returned Insufficient Funds Checks

There will be a fee of $30.00 for handling all returned checks. If this happens, both the bill and fee MUST be paid in cash or money order. If two returned checks are received the account will be placed on cash or money order only.

Sewer Average

The winter month's water billed consumption on the December, January and February billings are used to calculate the sewer average for residential customers. To figure your sewer average add the three amounts of water consumption and divide by 3. This will be the consumption used for your new sewer average for the upcoming year. Your sewer average for the year will be used starting with your April bill.

Commercial accounts are billed for actual usage and not based on an average.

Paying Your Bill

The City of Watauga will only accept MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards for all credit card payments. Cash and check will still be accepted.

There are many options to pay your utility bill. Options include:

Payments are accepted at City Hall in the Finance Department during regular office hours.

Payments may be mailed to the City of Watauga at P.O. Box 48310, Watauga, TX 76148.

To pay your bills by bank draft, a bank draft application needs to be completed and returned to the City of Watauga.