MotorsWatauga Police Department's Traffic Division is currently comprised of three motor officers which include the Traffic Sergeant and two Motor Officers. Each traffic officer is issued a Harley Davidson Road King police motorcycle.

Traffic Division is responsible for:

  • Traffic enforcement: including patrolling school and park zones. 
  • Accident investigations: including the investigation of minor and major accidents as well as those accidents involving the filing of criminal charges. 
  • Crash Response Team:  this unit is comprised of accident investigators and accident re-constructors from Watauga PD, Keller PD, Southlake PD, Roanoke PD, Northlake PD, and Argyle PD. This multi-agency investigative unit is to be able to provide accident investigation and reconstruction to all of the agencies anytime there is an accident where criminal charges may be filed. These include but are not limited to, Intoxication Manslaughter, Intoxication Assault. 

All of the agencies in the unit provide investigators who have extensive training in accident investigation and reconstruction. Watauga PD has three investigators in the unit and all three have successfully completed Intermediate and Advanced Accident Investigation as well as Accident Reconstruction. The purpose of reconstructing an accident is to be able to provide information as to who is at fault, a minimum speed, and a scaled diagram as well as expert testimony in civil or criminal court. 

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