HandcuffsThe Criminal Investigations Division investigate criminal offenses that occur within the City of Watauga. We also ensure the proper collection and preservation of evidence related to these crimes. 

The division is comprised of five Detectives, one civilian Administrative Secretary, and a Crime Victim Liaison whom are supervised by the CID Sergeant.
The Detectives are responsible for responding to crime scenes, as well as performing the functions of a Crime Scene Technician. Each Detective is assigned a case, investigates each case to the fullest extent, and then files the criminal case with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office.
Each Detective also serves on Tarrant County’s Major Case Task Force, in an attempt to aid neighboring Police Department’s investigate their major case investigations. Two Detectives are currently members of the C.A.R.T. (Child Abduction Response Team) and one Detective is currently assigned to the Northeast Tarrant County Narcotics Task Force. 

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